“Intercultural coexistence strength Europe"

Participation: The twinning project of cities ““Intercultural coexistence strength Europe" has allowed the meeting of 56 citizens, of which 8 came from the Comune di Fondachelli Fantina (Italy), 8 from the Camara Municipal de Pinhel (Portugal), 5 from Municipality of Raunas Novada Dome (Latvia), 2 from Institucia Regionalnych Aktivit Novohradu (Slovakia), 6 from the Municipality of Holloko (Hungary), 8 from Comune di Saint Vicent, 4 from PI Porlith (Lithuania) and 15 citizens from A Baña (Spain). 

Place / Dates: the meeting took place in A Baña (A Baña, Spain) from 13/11/2018 to 18/11/2018.

Succinct description:

Day 1 – 13/11/2018
Dedicated to the arrival of foreign delegations, accommodation of the participants and welcome.
Arrival of foreign delegations at A Baña.
Presentation of the participants.
Welcome and accommodation of the participants.
21:00 Welcome dinner.
Day 2 – 14/11/2018
Dedicated presentation of the groups, brainstorming, debate, brief tour to Finisterre.
Morning: Presentation of the municipalities, the objectives of the project and the program “Europe for Citizens”.
Brainstorming about the intercultural coexistence, equality and respect to diversity. Exchange and debate on policies and activities focused on intercultural coexistence in Europe
Brief tour of cultural and historical site of the End of the Way : Finisterre.
Dinner and accommodation.
Day 3 – 15/11/2018
Dedicated to a visit to Provincial Diputation, debate, workshop and exposition on « Values and Culure ». Visit to A Coruña.
Morning: Visit to Provinical Deputation. Debate and exposition about european values and culture.
Afternoon: Workshop on the Human Rights and the intercultural concept.
Visit to A Coruña.
Dinner and accommodation.
Day 4 – 16/11/2018
Dedicated to exposition, debate, meeting with a galician deputee in the Parliament of Galicia and visit to Santiago de Compostela.
Morning: Meeting in the Parliament of Galicia with the Galician Deputee Paula Prado. Exposition and debate on EU opportunities for personal growth and skills acquisition in the context of EVS and youth mobility programs.
Afternoon: Visit to cultural sites of Santiago de Compostela, UNESCO Heritage City.
Dinner and accommodation.
Day 5 – 17/11/2018
Dedicated to reading and sign of the Twinning, debate, visit to Santiago de Compostela.
Morning: Reading of the Brotherhood Oath and sign of the Twinning. Execution of the European anthem. Exchange of typical gifts among the delegations.
Debate on European policy based on the promotion of values such as cooperation and equality
Afternoon: Visit to the city of Santiago de Compostela. Dinner and accommodation.
Day 6– 18/11/2018
Dedicated to reflect on the project and experience. Farewell and transfer to the airport of the participants.
Delivery of satisfaction test. Moment for reflection and experience of the project.
Web connection for future initiatives.
Transfer to the airport of international participants